Morgan smith
9/9/2012 10:22:45 pm

Aerobic" and "anaerobic" are strictly terms applied to how the body fuels exercise, rather than the specific type of workout you are doing. However, the nature of certain exercises make them more likely to cause your body to operate in an aerobic or anaerobic way. Combining these forms of fitness at sensible, healthy levels will benefit many aspects of your well-being, including cardiovascular health, bone strength and body fat percentage

9/12/2012 07:06:45 am

anaerobic is the absence of free oxegen or air
aerobic is exercises that improve your lungs and heart

matthew woodard
9/10/2012 04:38:52 am

aerobic is where energy is made using oxygen,anearobic is where energy is made with the absence of oxygen, aerobic is a ten second sprint anearobic is heavy weight lifting.

Paige brown
9/10/2012 09:09:35 am

Areobic exercise is a low intensity exercise that makes you breathe more for example swimming and running

Anaerobic exercise is a intense exercise or workout that cant supply enough oxygen to the muscles for example like sprinting and wight lifting

John Tucker
9/11/2012 05:57:25 am

Aerobic is a lesser sport that you dont breathe and sweat as hard in like jogging.

Anaerobic is an sport or activity that makes you sweat and breathe harder in like soccer,baseball,and basketball.

casey kurent
9/11/2012 11:58:27 am

Anaerobic Exercises
The chemical reaction that does not require oxygen to produce energy.
Aerobic Exercises
Is when oxygen combines with carbohydrates, in the cells to produce the chemical reaction that supplies the energy needed by the mussels for aerobic exercises.

Emma MacPhee
9/12/2012 06:16:46 am

Aerobic excersise is cardio, a physical excersise that includes the use of oxygen. An example for aerobic excersise would be jogging or running, swimming, and jump rope. source: Anaerobic excersise is with speed and power. Bodybuilders use anaerobic excersise a lot. examples would be weights and the use of muscles powerfully.

Rebecca harwell
9/13/2012 07:41:38 am

Aerobic excercise is physical activity that uses oxygen. An example is doing suicide runs across a court. Anaerobic excersise includes power and alot of strength. An example of anaerobic excersise is weightlifting and doing yoga.

Dale Simpson
9/13/2012 08:37:21 am

Aerobics is a exercise that is a little easy like running. Anaerobics is a intense exercise like doing hip hop dances while breaking it down.

cooper warren
9/13/2012 11:31:04 am

In an aerobic exercise you are causing the body to utilize oxygen in order to create energy.In an anaerobic exercise the body creates the energy without oxygen.An aerobic exercise is a treadmill and an anaerobic exercise would be weight lifting.

9/14/2012 02:16:33 am

Aerobic is where energy is made using oxygen anerabic is where energy is made with the absence of oxygen

Orlahn Fabien
9/14/2012 12:08:00 pm

During exercise with adequate fuel and oxygen (i.e., aerobic), muscle cells can contract repeatedly without fatigue.During anaerobic or non-oxygen conditions (i.e., higher intensity exercise), muscle cells must rely on other reactions that do not require oxygen to fuel muscle contraction. Aerobic- Using the same large muscle group, rhythmically, for a period of 15 to 20 minutes or longer while maintaining 60-80% of your maximum heart rate. Anaerobic- An exercise intense enough to trigger anaerobic metabolism.


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