Mikayla Landers
10/1/2012 07:06:13 am

The athlete that I admire most is Serena Williams. She has won 8 Grand Slam titles (sportscomet.com), she became a pro in 1995 (wikipedia.com), and she is a right handed tennis player that is 31 years old (espn.go.com).
I admire Serena because of all the titles that she has won

10/2/2012 08:27:18 am

I dont have one I dont like sports
but thingk Tim Tebow is grat
1-He is a good at fotball (I thingk)
2-he is deeply religious
3-spenda time with kid how are lill

10/2/2012 08:58:50 pm

My favorite athlete is J.C Henderson I like him because he plays soccer and three things about him are that he runs fast when he play. He also always gets the ball from someone when they dribble the ball.and one more is he is always confidant.

Joshua Wingo
10/2/2012 10:26:02 pm

My favorite athlete is Caleb Wingo.I like my brother because he can kick the snot out of the soccer ball.He can run fast.Also he is the best defender on scream.

Lupe quintanilla
10/2/2012 11:55:15 pm

My favorite athlete is Bruce lee because he was a great marshial arist.He was also had some of the hardest training exercises.I also what to be a world famous marshial artist

Sarah MacPhee
10/3/2012 01:57:33 am

Abby Wambach is an athlete that I look up to. She has been in the olimpics and she play soccer for a sport. Abby Wambach was on the Team USA for the olimpics. She went to the Florida Gators for college. I look up to her because I play soccer and she inspires me to work hard and that someday I could get to the olimpics.
I got this info. from: http://www.teamusa.org

Joey Sansone
10/3/2012 02:43:14 am

I admire Christionao Ronaldo because I want to play soccer like him
He plays for Real Madrid
Traded from Manchester United

10/3/2012 02:53:19 am

I like Jeff Driskel...
1)Good at football
2)Good thrower

Peyton Gallian
10/3/2012 05:07:50 am

My favorite player is Peyton Manning he is a great quarter back,never gives up, and we have the same first name.

Ashlynn Whitney
10/4/2012 11:34:17 am

Tim Tebow
1. he is a very good football player
2. he is also religus
3. he was born on August 14,1987 and he is 25 now

10/4/2012 11:26:22 pm

Good at football
Religious and very nice
Agust 14, 1987

jonathan crawford
10/5/2012 12:24:45 am

carl crawford is my favorite because he is rich a good baseball player and he has my last name


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