8/28/2012 05:35:12

A unit of heat.

Mikayla Landers
8/28/2012 08:16:52

A calorie is an energy source that your body needs to live. Without calories our brain, heart, and lungs would not work. A healthy diet is very important with calories because when you don't excersie the calories may become unwanted fat. You want to burn the calories with a good workout to live a healthy life!

8/29/2012 05:59:25

calories are very important and dietary is also important because if you grow up and you dont eat right and dont exercise the faster chance you could have a heartattack.

8/29/2012 07:05:18

calories are very important because they give your body strength.

Sarah Macphee
8/29/2012 08:34:44

A quantity of food capable of producing such and amount of energy.

Sarah Macphee
8/29/2012 09:57:03

In my first comment I defined what a calorie is. Here is my answer to the 2nd part of the question: you need to burn off calories to stay in fit and you need the extra exercise ;)

Ashlynn Whitney
8/30/2012 05:43:25

Two units of heat energy.

Peyton Gallian
8/30/2012 07:16:40

Calorie is the energy needed to increase the tempature,Fiber is the importance of dietary.

Devlin Jackson
8/30/2012 09:55:00

a calorie is in your food that you use for fuel

Joey Sansone
8/30/2012 10:32:27

A calorie is:
a quantity of food capable of producing such an amount of energy.
You should limit the number of calories you consume everyday and eat a health, well-balanced diet.

Cathrina Morris
8/30/2012 20:11:13

an calorie is a source of food energy to much of it is bad

Casey kurent
8/30/2012 22:24:18

A calerie is mostly bad but it is a source of energy that keeps you up and running

Bree Lambert
8/30/2012 23:12:37

something in your body that you try to burn after you eat


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