Stacey Adams
10/1/2012 07:19:21 am

My athlete is Abby Wamback is my favorite athlete.
1. She gives 100% effort
2. She is an amazing soccer player
3. She played in the Olympics/USA team

Resorces: I didnt use any resorces cause I have known ALOT about her!:):)

Sarah Lalwor <3
10/1/2012 08:49:39 am

I would have to choose Misty May-Treanor. She won the Olympic Gold Medal. She inspires me to go for my dream to become an Professional Volleyball player. She liked Volleyball as a kid, and she still does. She inspires me to go for my dreams to become what I wanna be!

10/1/2012 09:05:35 am

My favorite athlete's are Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor because they are both really good at volleyball and won the volleyball Olympics of 2012, they work hard and are good together really well.

ashley rodriguez
10/1/2012 09:28:43 am

My athlete that i pick is shawn johnson.Her team is the american gymnest team.The facts are that she is that she started gymnastist at age 3, she was born in des monis lowa, and at age 13 she started compiting in junior gymnastist.I admire her because she is a girl athlete and she is currently dancing on a tv show.I got this infomation from

10/2/2012 06:19:42 am

Tim Tebow- Football

1. Currently playing for the Jets
2. Plays quarterback
3. Born in the Phillings

I admire him because he is a great Christian role model and an awesome football player!

Source: Me... I watch football! Lol

10/2/2012 06:37:46 am

My favorite athlete is Michael Jordan because he is full of effort, really! good at basketball, and he is a professional.

makayla knowles
10/2/2012 10:26:50 pm

My favorite athlete is Even Longoria. He gives 100%, and he has the highest batting average on the RAYS team, ! His position that he plays is third base. Also he bats right handed. I admire him because he is a great player, and he works hard.

ryan hungerford
10/2/2012 10:27:09 pm

derek jetter is my favorite. he playson the yankees he gives 1000 percent in the game. he plays as a short stop.

Austin Peer
10/3/2012 01:48:34 am

-My favorite athlete is Mike Alstott
- He gives all he gots
-He use to play fullback for the Bucs
-He now coachs a highschool football team somewhere in Tampa

10/3/2012 02:03:32 am

Kerri Walsh-Volleyball
1.she is 34
2.she plays for the USA team
3.she won 3 gold metals in beach volley ball
the reason i admire this person is because she works hard,never gives up,and plays volleyball good

10/3/2012 02:47:17 am

My pick is Evan Longoria he always...
1. gives 100 % effert at what ever he does
2. has a good atitude
3. never gives up no matter how bad there loosing

Trent Land
10/3/2012 02:49:09 am

Mike Trout
1. Plays for the Angels
2. Rookie
3. batting average is .354
He is a fascinating Rookie.He is running for MVP,
Rookie of the year and gold glove award, also the
most stolen bases in a season.

jacob king
10/3/2012 02:52:13 am

Tim Tebow
1. he played for the gators
2. he donates to charity
3. he is a quarterback

10/5/2012 12:08:47 am

My Fav is probly karrie Walsh-VOLLYBALL player
-she gives a 100%
-she won 3 gold medals in beach VOLLYBALL
-she is 34 but can still bring it
I love her becaus edge never ever gives up she is always bringing it to the court and she is a great person! (I don't have a source)

Victor Lara
10/5/2012 01:54:31 am

Evan Longoria
He has a good attitude
He try's very hard
He gives 100%

10/5/2012 04:02:16 am

Carlose Peano is my pick because...
1. Gives 100 percent
Try's his best
Plays one of my favorite sport


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