9/4/2012 11:40:40

Genetics is the study of heredity and what you inherited from your parents. They make your face look the way it does. For example, you might have a different sized shaped nose than a peer.

Sarah Wilson
9/4/2012 13:11:38

The study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics. An example is you might not have the same color eyes,or hair as a friend

Dalton Wilson
9/4/2012 16:09:54

Genetics is the study of heredity of your characteristics,such as your hair color etc....

Stacey Adams
9/4/2012 22:34:09

Genetics is the study of heredity also you an the cells in your body. Genetics are like your personality, your hair color, the way your face is shaped, your eye color and just stuff that makes you,you. Also you get some of your genetics and genes from your parents.

Jacob king
9/4/2012 22:53:48

Genetics are characteristics inherited by your parents, such as having
a similar face as your parents, or a different shaped or sized nose as
Someone else.

Makayla Knowles
9/5/2012 02:13:50

The study of heredity And the variation of inherited characteristics.
Such as your hair color or your eye color, etc:)

9/5/2012 03:29:22

Genetics is the study of heredity and the cells that make up my body.Like your hair color and eye color just the tings that make you yourself.Genetics are the genes that come from your parents,grandparents,aunts,and uncles.So if they have somthing like red hair to high blood pressure it might run in your genes.

Victor Lara
9/5/2012 22:44:46

Genetics is the study of heredity the branch of biology that deals with heredity and genetic variations.

Sarah Lawlor
9/5/2012 23:21:31

The study of heredity. They are kinda like, your hair, eye color, personality, everything that has to do with, you and yourself.

ashley rodriguez
9/6/2012 00:45:34

genetics are things that you inherited from your parents such as hair color and eye color.If you didnt have inherited things from your parents you might look different then you do today!!!!

James Puentes
9/6/2012 22:04:06

Genetics are things you inhareted from yuor family tree such as hair color. If you dont have genes you would look like a maniac!!!

9/7/2012 02:14:38

The study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics, it has to do with me because I get it from passed down generations and it can show affects of myself, and it is also important to know your gene pool because you may have a condition in your family trates or something

philip webb
9/7/2012 15:56:19

gentics are the things you interacht from your family like your skin color and hair color, also your family blood

Holton Fussell
9/7/2012 15:56:51

genetics is what you get from your familys blood and your race.

9/7/2012 16:10:45

What makes you; you
Like your hair and your eyes and your face and emotions!
And what did you get from your parents !

Jasmyn dominguez
9/7/2012 19:05:51

Genetic is the study of heredity and for example you might have different coulor eyes then your friend

9/7/2012 22:07:51

Genetics are genes that are passed down to you by a family member.Such as your eyes,or your hair,(ect.),(ect.)

Trent Land
9/8/2012 01:03:18

The science of heredity. What you inherit from your family genes such as hair color, eye color, and your skin color

kyah mcfarland
10/11/2012 20:33:41

genetics are the study of inherited characteristics


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