Kaitlynn Swanbeck
10/1/2012 03:26:06 am

Mia Hamm-professional soccer player
Her first name is Mariel . Mia is her nickname.
She is featured in a nintendo game about a high school soccer team. I admire her because she has been my role model ever since I started playing soccer at age four.

10/1/2012 07:39:59 am

- She's scored more goals than any other female soccer player in the world.
- Mia Hamm was born in Selma, Alabamba on March 17, 1972.
- She was born with a partial clubfoot and wore casts on her feet when she was a baby to help fix them.

I admire her because she plays soccer and I do too. Also, she is amazing at what she does and helps other people out in different ways.

Devan legendre
10/1/2012 08:13:49 am

Tiger woods ,He has won a lot of games in recent years, has dropped some times in his scores, and has a high GPA. I got this off of the television.

10/1/2012 08:34:40 am

Mark spitz won seven gold medals and is a famous swimmer. He is only surpassed by Michael Phelps. He set new world records in the events he competed in. I admire this athlete for his hard work and determination.

Tffany Nessler
10/1/2012 09:18:09 am

My favorite athlete is Mary T. Meagher, she is an athlete swimmer from the Olympics. She s also known as "Madame Butterfly" because she set a record in the 1981 100m. and 200m. butterfly event. She missed the 1980 Moscow Olympics due to a US-led boycott. She was born on October 27, 1964 and her nationality is American. I admire her because she is the greatest butterfly swimmer in the whole world.


Hayley Musselman
10/1/2012 10:02:38 am

My favorite athlete is a hard choice but I going to go with Babe Ruth. I admire this athlete because even though he played for the Boston red soxs and the Yankees (both teams I hate) I stil admire that he broke all kinds of slugging records and when he started playing he pitched Babe Ruth broke his own records for the most homeruns that stood for 34 years straight and was broken in 1974. Babe Ruth was born in Feburary 6th 1895 and sadly died in 1948 at 53 years of age because of lung cancer. My information comes from www.biography.com

Travis Williams
10/2/2012 12:53:27 am

Tim tebow
Won the hiesman trophy , won a national championship , and was drafted into the nfl in the 2011 NFL draft by the Denver broncos

Walker Dwulat
10/2/2012 04:47:38 am

B.J. Upton
He plays for the Rays. He is their center fieldsman. He is right handed.
I don't know iv'e always looked up to him.

Nicholas Lewis
10/2/2012 06:14:33 am

Peyton Manning
- 399 TD for his career
- He plays for the Denver Broncos
- He makes $18,000,000 a year
Google was my source

Madison Perley
10/2/2012 06:46:55 am

Tracy McGrady a professional basketball player

He played high school basketball at Auburndale High School, Auburndale Florida for 3 years.

He played for the Atlanta Hawks, Toronto Rapters,Orlando Magic,Houston Rockets,New York Knicks, and the Detroit Pistons.

He was ranked in the top 75 players of all time by Slam magazine.

Source: Wikipedia.com

Bryanna rials
10/2/2012 08:28:06 am

Gabby Douglas
- won the olyimpics
- only 15
-gabby is a great gymnast!!!!

Bryanna rials (continues)
10/2/2012 08:29:55 am

I personally admire her for her will to succed at such an aspiring task at a young age!!!!

Nick Lewis (Continued)
10/3/2012 07:03:14 am

I have always looked up to Peyton Manning and he was the first football player i ever knew about.

Adriana Alvarado
10/4/2012 08:06:45 am

Mesi from a soccer team
He's 24
plays for barcalona
he plays for Agrentina
I like him because he is the best soccer player in the world

Ashley pappas
10/5/2012 03:24:33 am

Dot Richardson
1- plays softball
2- won 5 gold medals in softball olympics
3- proved that she could play
I admire this athlete because when I play softball I think of how good I can be and how she proved that even girls can be good at a sport! When I met her it was amazing!!! She is an idol to me!!

shane parker
10/5/2012 03:27:24 am

LT he retired he played on jets he was number twenty one and he was hb!!! yeah boiii

kat smith
10/5/2012 04:52:11 am

I admire babe ruth because he plays baseball I love baseball

• hight 6'2
•birthday 2-6-1895
•215 lbs

Alexis Schaffer
10/5/2012 06:33:58 am

Jennie Finch
- She won a gold olympic medal.
- She won a silver olympic medal.
- She pitched for the US national softball team.
I admire her bacause for the longest time i played softball and i wish to get back to it.

10/5/2012 07:11:29 am

Tim Tebow
1.Plays football
2.Not afraid to show his relationship with God
3.He used his time in the spotlight(being interviewed) to glorify god and not himself
I admire him because he is a great example of a christian and no matter what any other athlete or the audience says about home he always has a positive attitude. You can tell on the fields he has a godly heart and is not afraid to show it!! When some people become rich and famous the forget the God that made them and allowed them to have that ability!!😸✨❤ my source is my mom😊

Haley Frazier
10/5/2012 09:52:55 am

Jennie Fench~ Professional Softball Player
Jennie Fench is a former professional softball player who pitched for Team USA in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics.
She is one of the most famous Professional Softball Players of all time.
I admier Jennie Fench because she is an amazing professional softball player and I would love to be like her one day
Sorce: Ask.com


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