tristan jones
9/9/2012 09:54:59 am

aerobic and anaerobic is the presence and absence of oxygen.
ex:most exercises have aerobic and anaerobic activitys.

Bryanna Rials (:
9/9/2012 11:01:57 pm

Anaerobic exercise is exercise intense enough to start up anaerobic metabolism.

Aerobic excercise is less intense.

Mishanti Brown
9/10/2012 03:21:53 am

Aerobic and anaerobic is the presence and absence of oxygen.
Ex: aerobic and anaerobic both have exercise in them

Mishanti Brown
9/11/2012 11:45:43 pm

i got it from

katarina smith
9/10/2012 03:26:10 am

Anaerobic and aerobic are a type of exercise that host matabalisem and isn't so in tence

Travis Williams
9/10/2012 03:26:48 am

Aerobic and anaerobic is the presence and absence of oxygen.

Madison Perley
9/10/2012 05:32:36 am

Aerobic means with oxegen or requiring oxegen. Anaerobic means without oxygen. When doing aerobic excercises you should be able to contain a rhythm for minutes or hours. When doing anaroebic excersises you should lose your breath more quickly.

9/10/2012 05:33:15 am

Anaerobic excersize is the morkout with less air and is more intense. An example is heavy weight lifting. A aerobic excersize is a less intense workout like jogging.

Adriana Alvarado
9/10/2012 06:31:06 am

Aerobic is requiring the presence of free oxygen to live and is able to live only in the absence of free oxygen.

Haley Frazier
9/10/2012 07:16:50 am

Aerobicis and anaerobics is the presents and absents of the air you breath

Tiffany Nessler :p
9/10/2012 07:55:21 am

Aerobic means the need of oxygen and anaeorobic means without oxygen.

Alexis Schaffer
9/10/2012 11:44:42 am

Aerobicis and Anaerobics is the absents and present of oxygen.

Leigha Maynard
9/11/2012 05:53:48 am

Aerobic Is when you need oxygen, and anaeorobic is without oxygen.

Tiffany Nessler
9/11/2012 06:35:46 am

Just adding to my last comment:
When doing anaerobic exercises you lose more oxygen then in aerobic exercises.

9/11/2012 08:50:05 am

The difference between aerobic and anaerobic is aerobic means requiring oxygen and anaerobic means without oxygen. An example for aerobic is running and for anaerobic is swimming.

Kaitlynn Swanbeck
9/11/2012 09:02:06 am

"Aerobic" means "with oxygen" or "requiring oxygen." "Anaerobic" means "without oxygen."

Walker Dwulat
9/12/2012 03:18:50 am

Aerobic is less intense. Anaerobic is more intense.

Trenton Baden :)
9/12/2012 03:26:30 am

Aerobic Is when you have oxygen and anaeorobic is when you do not have oxygen.

Nicholas Lewis
9/12/2012 05:21:50 am

aneorobic is like baseball, you do not have to continously run. Aerobic is like soccer or rugby, you DO have to continously run.

Nicholas Lewis
9/12/2012 05:24:11 am

Other way around. Oops

Hayley Musselman
9/12/2012 06:31:09 am

Aneorobic exercise is doing something that requires using oxygen like when you play basketball you are running up and down the court. Aeorbic exercise is doing something that uses little to none oxygen/ energy like playing golfnbeacuse you don't use AS MUCH energy and you can do it for hours. (Didn't get this info. From any website or book from background knowledge.)

9/12/2012 07:10:33 am

anaerobic exercise is when you're body does not use oxygen, creating "oxygen debt". aerobic exercise is when you're body uses oxygen. example of aerobic exercise: chin ups
example of anaerobic exercise:running sprinting

Shane Parker
9/14/2012 03:20:28 am

It's exersise

9/13/2012 03:18:36 am

Anaerobic is when your body doesnt use oxygen... Aerobic is when your body does use oxygen. Aerobic is runningand anaerobic is swimming!!😃

clayton adkinson
9/13/2012 05:31:09 am

anebiotic is whithout oxygen and aerobic is with oxygen like swimming

Alex Pruitt
9/13/2012 08:38:11 am

the difference of aerobic and anaerobic is the presence and absence of oxygen

jason schiff
9/14/2012 12:41:55 am

Anaerobotic is when your body does not use oxygen...Aerobic is when your body uses oxygen.....Aerobic is when your running and Anaerobic is swimming

9/14/2012 12:16:35 pm

"Aerobic" and "anaerobic" are strictly terms applied to how the body fuels exercise, rather than the specific type of workout you are doing.
Example for aerobic exercise: Running or walking.
Example for anaerobic exercise: Sit ups, push ups, and weight lifting.


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