ashley rodriguez
9/26/2012 05:28:54 am

three benifits of circut training are to have strong arms and to have hard abs and to get fit

Makayla knowles
9/26/2012 11:48:40 am

The three benifits of circuit traning is your giving your whole body a new challenge, and you can strengthen your muscles in minimum time, and also its a mix of cardio and strength training. Also its something that is new to your body.

9/26/2012 09:13:33 pm

The three benefits of circuit training:
1. Makes you stronger
2. Pushes you past your limit
3. Keeps us fit
Source: Me!!

Makayla knowles
9/27/2012 12:12:21 am

Healthy, more energy, and a great workout

Philip webb
9/27/2012 05:37:17 am

Abs,more healthy, and lose weight

Devlin Jackson
9/27/2012 09:36:07 pm

1. get good work out
2. get to use all the equipment
3. stick with it, because you don't get bored...

9/28/2012 12:10:10 am

Gives you energy and also it gives you strength and you will be fit and be heathy;)!

Stacey Adams
9/28/2012 12:16:56 am

The three benifits of circut training are..
1. It helps you get in shape
2. Gives you a challenge
3. It is good for your heart

9/28/2012 05:29:24 am

it keeps you in shape
get more healthy
lose weight


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